If you are looking for Whirled Peace to cater your indoor banquet or event, then this form is for you! Please make sure your venue has the necessary 220V/30A power requirements and kitchen access.

Deposit: $200 non-refundable from 48-hours prior to event

$7 per unit! (this can be estimated by the number of guests and how many servings you wish to allow them)

small- 1 unit

medium- 2 units

large- 2.5 units

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Contact Name
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Company or Organization
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Due to the special machines necessary for a self-serve party, the banquet hall or venue must have a 220 Volt, 30 Amp power source for each machine. If the location does not have the necessary power requirements, Whirled Peace may provide power via generators at additional cost. This option will require an outdoor-reaching window or door within 15 feet of the machine's. If you are unsure, please contact your location.